““…born from emotions which emerge in a freedom that creates evocations, correspondences, dialogues, Charlie’s works weave gestures full of expressive power with more reflexive signs, that articulate a joyful narrative full of shades of color, for an extraordinary vital language…””

Marifulvia Matteazzi Alberti

Vicenza 2016

““… Charlie is aware of what happens just before the big bang. He is part of the category of the shamans of art and what I can certificate is that what he does is absolutely authentic, which is the maximum certification you can give to an artistic work…””

Philippe Daverio

Verona 2015

“"...maybe to come off the land..maybe to cling to the sky”
"... with these words, Charlie has introduced his personal exhibition “love lines…” A joyful and deep narration about the human existence in an exultation of color and gesticulation, capable to catch the intimate beauty and give it back as a present…””

Silvia Zanolla

Verona 2015

““…it is this the fanciful world of Charlie, peculiar interpreter of a universe as peculiar as him, human and animal, that flows into the fanciful.
His creative sign has a bursting energy, the suggestions become memories and the memories become dreams. The dreams are the representations of our unexpressed feelings…””

Tiziana Bronzato

Verona 2015

““…The sensory association of paint, of strength with the world of sound, show how perfectly Charlie’s work is part of European artistic culture. It is equally clear that his many travels in Europe have not imprisoned him in pre-established geometrical moulds, as raises his art to the realms of pure feeling…””

Veronica Brovedani

Roma 2003

“"…The figures that Charlie presents us with take on the evanescence of a dream, of images that seem to evoke memories and linger over time, never fading away to be forgotten …" ”

Mons. Lino Lazzari

Brescia 2002

““…Reality appears in a porthole of flowers, in a fantasy of colours and as a tide of emotions. Confusion supersedes as things melt one into another and colours are transformed into pure enthusiasm as a quiver runs through the canvas…””

Raffaello Bertoli

Lugano 2000

““…I came across Charlie’s world of painting in the Republic of San Marino and it was a real shock to my system. The paintings above all aroused my fascination and stirred my emotions…””

Manrico Testi

Viareggio 1999

““…Fantasy and creative intuition confer on his explorations of his art a certain lightness, almost as if he wants to free the delightful colours of his creative inspiration into space and suspend them in the void…””

Giorgio Trevisan

Verona 1999

“"…colour and light work harmoniously together in the compositional structures that the artist is able to create with a poetic lyricism that evokes real emotion…" ”

Paul Tomatis-Franco Pedrinzani

Nizza 1999

““…Charlie is a fine ambassador for the culture and friendship of our communities so every journey and every meeting can be one full of expectation and amazement …””

parchment of the Mayors of the Bassa Veronese area south of Verona and the Representatives of the Slovakian people. Words from Giorgio Marangoni.

Verona 1996

“"...Charlie’s works are a celebration of nature …Such an exhibition is not easily forgotten. This is how Slovakia must be presented and represented at the highest level…"”

Eva Laukà

Bratislava 1996

““…A delicious shock: great paintings with the verve of Pollock and an explosion of joyous vitality that is skillfully modulated in scenic tones…””

Paolo Rizzi

Treviso 1996

“"...It is as if Charlie has thrown a stone into the pond of the obvious. The gesture has given rise to currents and unexpected sparkling lights as the power locked up in things explodes in a string of never-before-expressed thoughts. This is why an encounter with the painting of Charlie is also rare opportunity, an unrepeatable moment of growth..."”

Vera Meneguzzo

Verona 1995

“"…Works of art need also to be listened to. These of Charlie have the sounds noises of our time to make them pages on the feelings of contemporary life…"”

Federico Bellomi

Verona 1994

““…It has been a pleasure for me to have the chance to say what it is I value in you: it is your sincerity, your enthusiasm and your loyalty to a driving aspiration that places you outside of any school, in that noble area inhabited by true artists…” ”

Mons. Ciro Ferrari

Museo D'Arco, MN 1993

“"…This is where painting transcends the image, as Charlie’s painting brings us the dream, where the landscape is a ribbon of colour and the sketches are messages…"”

Carlo Caporal

Mantova 1993